Fixed price servicing for Porsche Cayenne Turbo
• All servicing carried out to Porsche factory schedules
• All servicing carried out with OEM Parts and Mobil lubricant (other parts available upon request)
• All parts are set at Porsche 2012 parts prices and are subject to change without notice
• All prices INCLUDE VAT
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20k Service

• Plug in and read out fault memory
• Check all Lights, levels, washers and wiper blades
• Check all electrical devices
• Lubricate locks and hinges
• Change oil and filter
• Check brake wear
• Check underside of vehicle for fluid leaks and rubbing
• Check belt
• Check radiator vents for debris and remove
• Check all brake and fuel lines
• Check drive shafts and CV boots
• Check all suspension and steering joints
• Check all tyres and do pressures including spare
• Test drive
40k Service
As 20K service with addition of:
• Change pollen filter
• Change spark plugs
• Remove wheels clean up and lube hubs
• Check and adjust handbrake
• Check airbag system
• Check exhaust system
60k Service
As 20K Service
80k Service
As 40K Service with addition of:
• Change air filter
160k Service
As 80K Service with addition of:
• Four-wheel final drive change oil
• Final drive rear change oil
• Transfer box change oil
• Manual transmission change oil
• Tiptronic transmission: change ATF and ATF filter
Brake Fluid Change

• Porsche recommend every 2 years

Brake Pads - Front

• Genuine Porsche brake pads

Brake Pads - Rear

• Genuine Porsche brake pads

Discs & Pads Front

• Genuine Porsche brake pads
• Genuine Porsche brake discs

Discs & Pads Rear

• Genuine Porsche brake pads
• Genuine Porsche brake discs
Please note: B/Fluid price is only valid in conjunction with a service.

Servicing should be carried out in line with the intervals published in the vehicles Owner Manual and Service/Maintenance Manual.

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